Top 5 Tax Deductions for Bloggers

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There are many tax deductions that bloggers are able to use to when it comes down to tax season. This consists of conventional work supplies, like paper, pens, food, travel, and all of the above. All of these items are tax deductible charges for your return. 

1. Travel

When you drive to work, it is consider to be a business expense since it 's the way you make a living. With that being said, you may deduct the mileage used on your cars, maintenance, and even gas. Make sure you keep your receipts accounted for when you do, it's always good practice when you keep track.

2. Food, Business Dinners

Any time food is being purchased for your business, that is also included as a write-off. An example of this could be a dinner you are having during a networking event. Another possible situation would be getting lunch on your way to work. 

3. Clothing

Suits, ties, and any work gear needed to maintain a professional look business. Is definitely what you call a deduction. You could be purchasing a shirt to where to an event, as long as it is used for your business, it is considered a deduction.

4. Internet Bills

Your very own internet is considered a tax deductions. Just for the simple fact that you use it to operate your phone to make business calls, or to write your blogs. It is a necessary component to your business establishment.

5. Home Office 

Working from home qualifies the self-employed for a home office deduction on their taxes. Taxpayers may only deduct certain home expenses on their tax return, and with more people working from home than ever before this works in favor of the freelancers and self-employed.



If you have any questions about these Tax Deductions, we can help. You also may be able to write-off all of these "Top 5 Tax Deductions for Bloggers." Contact us today and sign-up!

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